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Are Independent Pharmacies Better Than Chain Pharmacies?

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Zikam pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy

The answer is yes. An independent pharmacy is a small-scale level business and not bound by corporate rules and regulations.

Therefore, independent pharmacists can provide better customer care to the patients because they have more time and energy to invest in their local business and community.

They care more about the customers and offer the best service. Moreover, the convenience of independent pharmacies is unparalleled to chain pharmacies.

The independent pharmacy also offers quick pick up and delivery service of medications at your doorstep, a luxury not provided by the big names of chain pharmacies.

Another brownie point of buying your medication from an independent pharmacy is that you do not have to wait in long queues.


The wait time at independent pharmacies is much lower than chain pharmacies which gives a chance for a one-on-one consultation with a pharmacist too.

Unlike popular misconceptions, independent pharmacies are more efficient than chain pharmacies. In addition, independent pharmacies are fully equipped with a wide range of medicines that includes prescription medicines as well as compounded drugs customized to your unique needs.

The aim of independent pharmacies is to make the accessibility of medicines easier and convenient for you. Therefore, they have a thorough process to ensure that all medicines are legitimate and reliable.

Independent pharmacies value treating the patient as an individual instead of considering patients as numbered customers.

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Personal Care

This way, a direct client relationship is developed with your local pharmacists, who are well-aware of your specific health needs.

On the other hand, corporate overlords dictate chain pharmacies, which strive to maintain sales quotas and profit margins.

Independent pharmacists make it extremely easy for patients to acquire the medicines they need without any hassles. Hence, they ensure that all the pharmacists are fully trained and licensed to cater to each patient's unique needs and offer reliable consultation.

The consultation services include medication therapy management (MTM) so that you get the best possible results from your drug therapy. Another service we offer is Medication Synchronization (Med-Sync).

You no longer have to keep track of all your pills and doses because we make it easier for you and keep your prescription history organized to be filled in the same day every month. This way, you do not have to make multiple trips or calls to the pharmacy for refills.

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Independent pharmacy is cheaper

Moreover, a local pharmacy is also pocket-friendly as it is more likely to provide you with less expensive medications.

Now that you understand the difference between independent and chain pharmacies, what is keeping you from supporting your small local pharmacy?

At Zikam pharmacy, it means the world to us when our community members support us by shifting from big box stores to local pharmacies to get their medications.

Now you can trust us for maintaining your health and wellness as well as your budget! We will take care of your well-being by providing high-quality personalized medication services.

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